Paracord Water Bottle Lid Leash




Introduction: Paracord Water Bottle Lid Leash

I have been building paracord structures since 1980. It is the duct-tape of the cord and string business, and widely considered one of The Worlds Most Useful Things.
This Instructable is for a ladder woven paracord lid leash, a practical and attractive way to retain the lid
of your waterbottle. Who doesn’t know the angst of a lost water bottle lid?
Materials and Equipment Required
Paracord- 6 feet
A pair of scissors, or sharp knife.
An awl or marlinspike
A water bottle with a loose lid, preferably a metal type with a wide neck.

Step 1
Find the middle of the 6 foot paracord ; thread one of the paracord strands through the top of the waterbottle lid.
Step 2
Lay the doubled paracord with the lid under the bottles neck; this is where you size the length of the loop attached to the lid for the proper length. Check to make sure the length is sufficient enough so that the leash is not too tight. Paracord is slippery, so this could be tricky.
Step 3
Start ladderweaving the leash; Ladder weaving is simply opposite side half hitches around two strands of paracord. Once you have the length of the leash fidgeted out, make a bight on the left side; Now bring the other cord under the running end of the bight, across the front of the two strands and through the bight...then tighten. I hope the picture sequence helps.
Step 4
Ladderweave like a crazy person towards the lid, pushing it tightly on occasion; you can ladderweave as tight to the lid as you like. Keep going, you’re almost done!
Step 5
Snip off the leftover cord and melt the ends to prevent fraying; use a tool of some sort to press the melted ends to the main weave; don’t touch this with skin of any kind; melted paracord can cause awesome burn blisters.

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    1 year ago

    I have been looking for this type of Instructable!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done. I might put a swivel snap on the end of mine instead of just straight to the lid so that I don't have to fiddle with the weave twisting when I unscrew the cap.