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Learn Paracord Weaves, or see all theParacord Bracelet Patterns. There are many different Paracord Bracelet Patterns, here are some of the most popular. The Cobra, King Cobra, Sidewinder, Viper, Rattler, Mamba, Fishtail, and Boa. The Cobra being the most popular, along with Fishtail, and King Cobra. Get your Paracord kit and try making each Paracord Bracelet.

Step 1: Paracord Weave - King Cobra

The King Cobra Paracord Weave with a black tracer. This is the same as the cobra weave, but weaved back over itself. The tracer is a piece of micro paracord weaved in with the outside piece of paracord. It is the widest of the paracord weaves, and use about 20 feet of paracord. Next learn how to make a Survival Bracelet. See more Paracord Knots.

Step 2: Paracord Weave - Boa

The Boa paracord weave is a little more complicated, and its best made on a jig. It is weaved horizontally back and forth, just over a 1 inch wide. Continue to see next Parachute cord Bracelet.

Step 3: Paracord Weave - Sidewinder

Sidewinder Paracord weave, is best made with 2 colors, and is just over an inch wide.

Step 4: Paracord Weave - Cobra

This is the Cobra paracord weave, made with a pink tracer. This its the most popular weave. Besides adding a tracer you can add a flatine or double flatline, which is a piece of paracord, with the center strings taken out, and weaved into the top of the paracord bracelet.

Step 5: Paracord Weave - Viper

The Viper Paracord Weave, is a newer weave with a more aggressive look. It is the same width as the cobra braid, you can also add a tracer.

Step 6: Paracord Weave - Rattler

Rattler Paracord weave is a newer weave, it does not use as much 550 paracord as the other weaves, about 8 feet.

Step 7: Paracord Weave - Mamba

The Mamba Paracord weave is one of my favorite weaves, it only uses about 8 feet of 550 paracord.

Step 8: Paracord Weave - Fishtail

This is the Fishtail Paracord weave, is one on the more popular weaves, and is also the thinnest braid at 3/4 inch. See the ViperParacord Bracelet Check out the new Paracord Blog Paracord, Try more the Viper Paracord Bracelet, or these otherParacord Projects.



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    23 Discussions


    Question 3 months ago on Step 1

    How do you measure the lenth of cord to use when making a braclet>


    10 months ago

    Fishtail??? All were snake names except for #8.... That one should be Python or Copperhead....


    2 years ago

    I've got a 15$ Paracord bracelet for free HERE.


    2 years ago

    I really like how you have collected all the different types. Also how you have added some projects or links to more detailed instructions.


    Reply 2 years ago

    if you look up trilobite paracord bracelet, you will find more detailed instructions. Many of these weaves are known by different names, the OP must have just liked the sound of snake names.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    its called single genose (i dont know if thats correct spelling or not lol)


    Reply 4 years ago

    I think it's called something backbone. I've never heard any of these being called by these names


    4 years ago on Introduction

    is "sidewinder" also known as dragon's tongue?