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Introduction: Paracord Whip!

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In this instructable, I will be teaching you how to make a paracord snake whip. Snake whips are easy to make and even more fun to play with. Whips have many purposes like self defense, hunting, and most of all recreation. PLEASE NOTE: WHIPS AREN'T TOYS AND SHOULD BE USED WITH CAUTION. EYE PROTECTION RECOMENDED. Enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies....

For this instructable you will need..
>parcord, one 5 foot section, one 15 foot section and two sectios of pararcord, 6 foot of cord for every foot of the whip. I am making a special 9 foot whip but about 5 foot is average.
>measuring tape or any other way to measure paracord by the foot
>electrical tape, at least 1 roll
>lighter or small torch
>rope that has a core, thicker than paracord, but not too thick
>metal BB's

Step 2: Shot Loading

BBs are to really get enough mommentum in the whip to easily crack it. It isn't vital, but pretty handy. Take the metal BBs and insert them into the rope. Tie a loose knot in the middle of the ripe and fill BBs up to middle. This may take some time, but get a tablet or phone or tv and watch a movie. It helps....
After you have filled up the cord with BBs, tie a firm knit at the end. Undo the knot in the middle and wrap it a couple of times around with electrical tape so the BBs are tight together and won't come out of the other side.

Step 3: Core First Layer and Handle....

Now, we need to make the fist core layer. All you need to do is just wrap the whole whip in electrical tape VERY tight to make the whip a bit stiff. Now, start back up at the butt of the whip and wrap an extra layer. this will make for a stiffer handle.

Step 4: First Belly

First, measure out two 10ft. sections. Next, grab the white strands inside the paracord and pull it out. Toss is to the side, and keep the two paracord outside. you will use those to weave.

Step 5: 1st Belly Weave...

Go to the end of this instructable to learn the weave. I really want others to learn this so I put up the weave instructions.

Step 6: 1st Belly Tape and Finish Off

Once you have only a couple inches left for the braid, put tape on the last weave really tight. Then, cut the excess so if is staggered. this will make for a smooth transition. Cover the whole woven section with tape. now you ar ready for the second and finall bellie.

Step 7: 2nd Belly

Take the rest of your cords and braid the final part. You will have to drop cords, which is easy. Just take the cord, and electrical tape it down. Continue to do the same braid while dropping the rest of the cords until you have the last four. braid it all the way to the end, and tie on your fall with a fall hitch. That's it. Trim the cords and tidy everything up. Then, put a cracker on the end (you can use the inssides of the paracord). Hope you liked this instructable!! don't forget to vote.

Step 8: Final Step!!! Rolling!

now, pick a smooth section of concrete, a garage will work, and dust it off. Get a piece of wood or a cinder block, and roll it on your whip. This will round it out and make it smooth!! Congrats!!! You have a whip!!! leave comments if you would like me to make a more in depth instructable on how to do the braid!!! your done!! I will post another instructable on braiding for a more in depth process!!! hope you like!!!! plz vote!!!!


Alright, so people were telling me that this was incomplete without the braid, so here it is. I did it around a sharpie because I have already made a whip and didn't want to make another right now. start off, with your 2 strands crossing each other,left going under right. make sure it is where you want the braid to be. Now, start off with the cord that is the HIGHEST in the pattern, with is the top left. Bring it back behind and cross under, and up through the middle of the cords, in this case one on top, one below. when working with 3 or 4, always have an even number on both sides or 1 more on the bottom. Now, bring the cord over the top, and back to it's original left side. Do the same thing to the right top cord now, BEHIND, THROUGH, OVER. go back and forth don'tmg this, and you will be a paracord Ninja! Again, I'm sorry for not putting this up, I was being dumb. Please vote for me!!!!!!!!!!



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    Too bad the Mule Skinners hauling ore and freight didn't have paracord.

    one question. Does it hurt when you whip somebody. I'm thinking of using this for self defense. I don't think you need a license or a specific age to carry around a paracord whip in your backpack. Do you?

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    it is like getting hit by a wire but 10x as worst

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    yeah, it's not a bead idea. You also said new instead of bad.

    half of it is filled with bbs

    does it Crack or no

    How long dose the Thick rope have to be

    thanks for this! I need to make one.

    Hey, how much Paracord do you need to make a 11 foot whip? Just wondering you would be the one to know.

    Im confused on when to use which rope and where. You listed specific lengths in the begining but not later on during the actual instructions. Please explain waht lengths of paracord are being used dduring each step.