Paracord Wrist Support Band for Slingshot




Introduction: Paracord Wrist Support Band for Slingshot

My wrist support strap on my Daisy p51 started to rip. I decided it was time for an upgrade, instead of leaving it to have my hand hit my face from pulling back on the rubber. I had some paracord so "why not?" I asked myself...

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Step 1: Materials

18 feet of paracord
Somthing metallic with a flat side

Step 2: Lark's Head

First off I had to modify my slingshot to fit and hold 8 bights of cord and I did that with a bit of duct tape. Make a Lark's Head knot and put it around one of the metal wrist supports. You could potentially put it straight on the metal but I decided I didn't want any chance of the band slipping off.

Step 3: Inner Cordage

Wrap the cord like so. When turning it to the side it should look like a figure 8. There should be 8 strands going along the middle. The more strands in the middle the more soft the wrist support will be as it will be wider and thicker.

Step 4: Fishtail Wrap

Fishtail weave. I had to stop close to the end and put some fids on to finish up. You could stop right here, I continued to do another wrap over that because I didn't want the ends sticking out the bottom on my wrist. Keep pushing the weave to the top try to get as much cord as possible but try not to make the weave too tight. The looser -> the softer, the tighter-> the harder.

Step 5: Half Hitch Wrap

When doing this try to keep the wrap as loose as possible, but try to fill up the space evenly. Pay attention to finishing up the end-> Make sure it's very secure

Step 6: Finishing

Snip, melt, and flatten/smooth

Step 7: Finished

Ta-Da! My wrist strap turned out a little stiff (it's not going anywhere) so it digs into my forearm a little. For that reason I insisted upon making it a little looser.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments. I'm open for any advice

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