Paracord Zipper Pulls



Paracord is a survival tool. It is a proven fact. Whether it be camping, hunting, fishing, or just straight up survival training, paracord is essential. In this instructable, I am going to show you how to make paracord zipper pulls for your survival backpack, or pack. They are very, very simple to make and will provide you with 1.5 foot sections of cord whenever you may need it. Let's get started!!!

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

One 2 foot section of cord for every zipper pull you want to make( flatten one end of each cord)

A lighter;


A backpack or hunting pack

Step 2: Making the Zipper Pull

To start,cut the existing zipper pull off of the zipper if it has one. Then, take the flattened end of one of the cords and run it through the zipper, and match both ends up. Start the cobra weave. Continue the cobra weave until you can't do another knot. Cut and burn the cord ends. Repeat this with the rest of the zipper pulls.

Step 3: Show Your New Paracord Zipper Pulls Off!!!!!!!!

After you get all of your zipper pulls done, there is nothing else to do besides show them off! I made mine to match my pack, but you can do whatever colors you want! Do whatever you think looks best! These can also be used for decoration. For example, I made zipper pulls for my baseball bag, just so it wouldn't get confused with the other player's bags. Be sure to vote for this instructable in the tools contest and burn it contest if you like it, and feel free to subscribe, and comment.



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