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Step 1: Finished.

The contents of my survival kit are as follows

-50' of 50lb Spider Wire braid fishing line.
-Button Compass
-Vaseline soaked cotton ball wrapped in aluminum foil
-A mini Swiss multi tool
-Several fish hooks with leaders
-10 Iodine tabs
-Hack saw blade knife
-mini "fire steel"
-Razor Blade

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    So cool! I just posted a similar project, though I did a different weave and method for adjusting and whatnot and it offered this as a link on mine.

    Can you tell me how yours has held up? I thought about using JB weld and not drilling into my Altoids smalls, but worried the JB weld would give after a bit.

    Here's mine for reference:


    Aren't the iodine tablets light sensitive? I would recommend placine electric tape around the small container to keep the light out.

    this seems like a neat idea, but i'm wondering about its functionality. have you ever got the lip of the tin caught and lost the contents?

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    I forgot to mention that if you bend the lip of the tin in it holds really tight.

    Awesome. I will be making the belt but I have a flask buckle. I dont drink alcoholic beverages so after cutting off the top of the flask I can fit a small personal kit inside and still have a cup suitable for rationing my water if necessary.

    This is a great idea. You should have posted this in the Survival Contest, you probably would've been a finalist.

    I made this adjustable. i added two extra holes, which i put a wire through, connecting to the loops on the belt. It doesn't look beautiful, but it works. So far, my kit has tin foil, strike anywhere matches, rubber bands, safety pins, paper clips, alcohol swabs, q-tips, duct tape, a ziplock bag, and a razor blade. I am missing dental floss and a cigarette lighter, which are probably the most important parts of my kit. This isn't so much a survival kit as a trail necessities kit, for when I go camping. I also plan on adding more first aid stuff in the future. Great intructable. Thanks!

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    This is like the batman tool belt of Instructables. Unless there is a Batman tool belt on here i haven't seen...

    i will definitely make one, but with a standard belt instead of paracord.

    this is a really good idea. ill try this with a weave that uses less paracord, because i dont have that much on hand.

    Really awesome project, probably the fourth thing I made once I got my hands on some paracord. I ended up using about 60 feet of it

    brilliant combination ! its one of those slap yourself in the forehead why didnt I think of that kind of thing

    Great idea, need some refinements but it's a great start that join two big survival 'things'