Paracord Clip Wrap - Zebra F301 Pen

Introduction: Paracord Clip Wrap - Zebra F301 Pen

The clip on the F301 series pens made by Zebra is unusable, in my opinion. They are too flexible and too thin to clip onto a book/large pocket(hemming makes it very thick.
I simply took paracord, melted it and wrapped it three times. To seal it up, I unscrewed the pen and used a torch (butane, not propane lulz) to melt it, and took a pair of pliers and shoved it under the space where their is a bend (A quality macro is worth about a zillion words!)

I love the 301, and I'm pretty sure you could do it on anything metal barreled (like a M301, yay for standardized testing exam papers)

paracord was spare clippings laying like all over. about 1.5 inches ( ~30mm).

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You may actually break the clip off If you try to clip it onto something; I believe that the clip is to simply hold the paracord in place


    10 years ago on Introduction

     does it make the pen stick to things that its clipped onto any better? 

    reason i ask is because i have a maratac AAA flashlight. I keep it on my pocket but the flip is rather loose and it pops off from time to time.  debating possible solutions for this. thanks.