Paracord Elephant




Introduction: Paracord Elephant

Made out of all paracord

Step 1: Materials

50 feet of paracord



Punch to help thread if needed

Needle and thread for eyes

Step 2: Legs

start like this

Start with a cross knot. Go until it is about 1-1 1/2 inch long. Your going to make four total. Dont cut the extra length off!

Step 3: Making the Body

place legs next to each other. Use all 8 cords to make another cross knot. Then pull tight. Add 3 shanks of 36 inche cord. Then go into a round braid. Refer to pictures for clarification.

Step 4: Body

when doing the round braid it is like the cross knot except with mor strings. Pictures for help are above. 11 rows of round braids make the body.

Step 5: Stuffing

Cut 130 inches of cord into short lenghts. Then stuff it into the body of the elephant.

Step 6: Closing in the Stuffing

divide the cords into 4 groups and do a cross knot.

Step 7: Attaching Front Legs

Thread the front leg cords into your cross not of the body. Picture above.make all the legs on the sam side. Seperate cord into 4 groups again. And make another cross knot.

Step 8: Making Head

Pick 2 cords from each group make a cross knot with these 8 cords. Pick 1 cord from each group and make a cross knot. Now repeat 10 times to make the trunk.

Step 9: Making Ears

Make a flat braid.

Step 10: Make a Tail

Make a loop and tie it to the end of the elephant.

Step 11: Your Done

unless you want to stitch eyes on it. Melt and tuck the ends to hide them

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    i learned hiw ro make it on my own but found intructions and used them instead my came out different but it is the same concept i can show you my elephant and show the difference


    Is there a reason you took pictures of a printed set of instructions? Are those instructions (hopefully created by you) havailable somewhere?