Paracord Handle for Tomahawk




Get a grip on your Tomahawk!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials - Tomahawk and two - 8' pieces of paracord.
Tools--- Drill and 2 drill bits, 1st bit, same diameter as paracord, 2nd bit, twice the size of cord, razor knife, lighter & marker.

Step 2: Mark Holes for Drilling

Carefully drill out three holes like shown. The larger hole is toward the end of the handle. Burn the end of the two pieces of paracord.

Step 3: Start the Weaving

Feed one cord into each of the top drilled holes. Pull all cords even. Tie a knot at the exit of each upper hole. Straiten out cords in 4 different directions. Then take one and lay it over the next one. Continue until you get to the fourth cord, tuck it under the first this makes a layer. Try keeping weave snug as you go. Weave layers untill you have about 4 inches or enough to finish tie off.

Step 4: Tie Off

Lace the two opposite cords through the last hole. Tie off. Done!



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