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Introduction: Paracord Handle Grip

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Have you ever found yourself on a hike and thinking, "man i sure wish i had some sort of grip on this stick of mine". Well no need to fear now, here is a guide to getting a grip on your life, er stick, ya stick not life.

Step 1: Supplies

well now you need your supplies, they are as follows:

1 stick

16 feet of paracord (about)

tape (optional)

Step 2: Getting Started

first tape the paracord at the length that you want, then you bring the cord back up, next you wrap it behind the stick, and put it through the loop. then tighten it.

Step 3: Repeat

just repeat the previous step till you reach the end of the line.

Step 4: Finishing

now that you are at the end just feed the paracord into that bottom loop and tighten it by pulling on the end that is at the top. then clip and fuse the ends and go hiking with a comfy handle on your stick.

Step 5: Other Uses

this handle grip can also be used on other things such as knives, or any hing that has a handle.

Step 6: Thoughts, Comments

Thank you for reading this, and please

let me now how you liked this 'ible (it is my first), and if there are any problems that you would like me to fix.

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3 years ago

For my first paracord project, this was easy and worked out great.

Big Baneser
Big Baneser

5 years ago

You can do this around another rope to make a lanyard.


5 years ago on Introduction

Good job. A trukshead at the beginning and the end makes for a very finished project