Paracord Sling for Your Yoga Mat/sleeping Bed/ Blanket.

Introduction: Paracord Sling for Your Yoga Mat/sleeping Bed/ Blanket.

This is a low cost sling made out of paracord to help you carry and keep your mat from unrolling. This sling can even be used on your camping sleeping, blanket, or any item that rolls up.

Step 1:

Items you need:  

-Paracord ( length of cord with very depending on the size of the shoulder strap and what you intend to use this for) If you made the sling too long, you can tie a sheepshank knot to shorten it.  
-(3) three screws
-(2) two blocks of wood about the size of a deck of cards.
-(2) two adjustable clamps/  a yoga mat, sleeping bag, blanket, or whatever you wish to carry.

Step 2:

The first thing I did was tie a running bowline knot with one end of the paracord. The other end of the paracord will have the same knot. But before you do that, I'm going to show you how to weave a shoulder strap. The woven shoulder strap will make it more comfortable to carry, if your plan on using this sling for heavier objects. 

Step 3:

I found that if you melt the ends of the cord, it makes it easier to work with. The inner and outer strings don't separate on you.

Step 4:

To start the shoulder strap, take the paracord and bend it so you have a loop the goes back to the running bowline knot. Then bend the cord again, about 7 inches down the cord. Repeat again so the cord goes away from the running bowline knot.   See the picture attached.

Step 5:

I started to weave the cord through the loop closest to the running bowline knot. After only a few weaves, I thought there had to be an easier way to weave the cord through the loops for the whole thing to be tight. Bam- I figured I would create a simple jig. So using (3) three screws, (2) two pieces of wood ( that were laying around from another project), and (2) two clamps, I made this thing.
   Just screw two screws into one piece of wood about (2) two inches apart. And screw the other in the center of the remaining piece of wood.  I clamped the wood to a coffee table. /The two screws to the left hold the two far loops that are away from the running bowline knot that I made.  The screw to the right holds the loop and the point where I started the weaving.  The good thing about using the clamps, is that you can adjust them to whatever size you want to make the shoulder strap.

Step 6:

Now, you have a jig that makes it easier to weave the paracord back and forth through the loops. You can use one hand to loop the cord and one hand to push the cord to the right to keep it tight. Continue to loop the cord in the over, under, over, under, manner, until you reach the left screws. Once you reach the left screws, weave the paracord one more time then you think you can.
Your shoulder strap is complete.   One more thing remains.

Step 7:

Take your creation off the jig, and tie a running bowline knot on the remaining cord end. Place around your yoga mat, sleeping bed, blanket, and go. Namaste, happy camping, or enjoy the sun on the grass.

        If you find this instructable to be helpful, please leave a comment.  Thanks for checking it out. 

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