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Intro: Parakeet Playground

A playground built for a parakeet.

a miniature size playground with tons for your fine feathered friend to do.

Step 1: Essential Tools

glue gun
glue sticks

Step 2: Supplies (not an Exhausted List)

You will need a wooden tray or box top or something to be the base.

You will need dowels to make the perches and jungle gym.

You should use coconut. It can be many things and Parakeets seem to love it.

You should use PVC pipe. 1/2" will be the right size. But you will need something to put on it to make it less slippery. I recommend vet tape.

other than that you can use anything that will keep your bird entertained. use your imagination.

Step 3: Center Pole

My directions follow the playgrounds pictured. But you can follow any design you can think of.

For the center pole, placing a dowel into a flat rectangular piece of wood with a home in it and hot gluing it down is affective.

Then place a generous amount of glue one is half a coconut shell.

place it on the dowel and hold until the glue dries.

Step 4: Side Poles

Add more uprights by securing more dowels.

This can also be achieved by attaching the dowels to the sides with hot glue.

the corner is the easiest place to do this. If you are not using the corner, a piece of take will add a little securing.

Step 5: Low Elements

Low Elements can be made with just about anything.

Here I used a disposable planter with a broken coconut shell.

Make sure to leave space on the ground for play space. Place Toys you make or buy around for your bird to play with.

Like this one you can make here:

Step 6: Cross Bars

Place cross bars.

first find a dowel that can reach from the top on one up right to another.

Add a generous amount of hot glue to the top of those upright dowels.

Lay the dowel over top and hold till the glue dries.

Step 7: Using PVC

1/2" PVC IS ideal.

Joint pieces and straight pieces can be put together with much variation and do not have to be glued to stay.

You could even make the whole playground out of it.

make sure to add vet tape or something that will make it possible for your parakeet to grip.

Step 8: Customize

In the bird store there are so many accessories you can add to these.

A mirror toy is essential. Cuddle toys are great. Cuttle bones and other such things are nice additions.

I added an upside down coconut and placed a few cat toys inside for my budgie to pick up and throw.

And don't forget parakeet size cups to stack. Birds love knocking over cups.

Step 9: Play!

Set it up someplace your bird can be near you. Entice your bird into the playground with millet or treats.



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    Tip 17 days ago

    Just a suggestion, you should wrap string around the glued parts.


    2 years ago

    Excellent idea. Looks like a lot of birdy fun without breaking the bank. Thanks for sharing!!

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the compliment.