Paramapadham or Pampu Thayam or Snakes and Ladder

Introduction: Paramapadham or Pampu Thayam or Snakes and Ladder

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Name Meaning

Board Game play in India from ancient time. Related to human life.

Paramapadham means obtain a supreme position in life or to join to the feet of the god. To obtain a supreme position we have to face lot of ups and downs in the life. That one is explained in this game.

According to the fate lot of ups and downs in life and our aim is to obtain a supreme Position to the foot of the god.

Like wise in this game dice is the fate and ladders are ups and snakes are downs. Our aim is to reach the top most cell.

Can be played by two or more peoples.

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Step 1: Items Required

Items required

1) Snakes and Ladders Board

2) Dice (Usual dice or ancient indian Dice)

3) Unique once coin for each player.

Step 2: How to Use Indian Dice

I already explain it in my previous post Dayakattai Steps 3,4,5,6.

Step 3: How to Play

1)All must place the coin out side the board.

2) Once the player get 1 (thayyam) then only coin enter to the board in the 1st cell.

3) Then according to the dice value the coin moves to the next number cells. Another tern for the same player if he got 1,5,6 or 12.

4) For each roll of dice we want to move our coin then only for bonus we want to roll.

5) When the count ends and our coin is in the bottom of the ladder then climb over the ladder to the top and we have a bonus tern even if we have 2,3,4.

6) Like wise if the count end and our coin is in the mouth of the snake we move to the tail of that snake. Even if we have 1,5,6 or 12 there is no other tern. Like wise all players play their terns.

7) At the end if we get value greater than the last cell then don't able to move and even bonus tern u cant able to play in that round. For example if total 100 cells u are in 95 then 6 or 12 is not able to used.

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