OPESK: Parametric Desk

Introduction: OPESK: Parametric Desk

This project uses a Rhinoceros plug-in, called Grasshopper, to create a parametric desk, that can be transformed into different forms, simply by editing a fill options. The file can be exported for fabrication in a CNC Router machine.

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Step 1: Open

First, you need to download the .gh file, to edit the grasshopper parameters, or download the .zip file with a few finished models for fabrication. The Grasshopper is only a plug-in, not a modeling tool, so what is make in there is only a preview, until you uses the bake command. As can be seen at the video.

Step 2: Editing

If you are not familiarized with the software, it could look pretty confusing, but the elements that should be edited are all grouped in green box. It safe to change this values freely, but if want to actually send the file for fabrication is best to make sure that you chooses will not result in a poor structure.

Step 3: Finishing

When you are finishing editing you can simply bake the red box element, to generate the 2D file in Rhino, and export it in the format that is required. This project is only a experimentation and its need to bee appropriated, please feel free to help to evolve and refining this idea.

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