Parent and Baby Backpack




Introduction: Parent and Baby Backpack

We created this bag because we saw all the bulky, backbreaking, diaper bags.

You can put the baby on your front and the backpack on the back or just the backpack or the baby on your back.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project we bought:

2 backpacks

1 vinyl laptop protector

1 baby overall onesie

1 pack of sticky velcro dots (we used only 8 pairs +2 of the hook side but I would recommend getting more than needed)


Tools we needed were:

needle and thread

sewing machine

snap applicator


test stuffed animal (no babies were harmed in the making of this bag)


seam ripper

stick pins

a fabric marking tool

Step 2: Disassemble!

Cut the straps off one of the backpacks, you don't need the straps of the first backpack.

For the second backpack rip the back off the backpack with a seam ripper.

Then cut the laptop case so that it lays flat. The laptop case will become a changing pad.


Stick the sticky dots on the corners of both the strapless backpack and the backpack back.

Lay the onesie down on the straps. Position the velcro so that the onesie and the straps will attach.

Sew on the velcro.

Step 4: SEWING!

Hand sew on the laptop cover with the whip stitch.

Machine sew the bottom part of the onesie so that your baby won't fall out.

Step 5: Adding Snaps

Add on new snaps to the onesie that will attach the straps of the backpack back.

We used a scrap of fabric to put the snap on the strap.

Sew on a pocket to the inside of the backpack so everything doesn't fall out when you change your baby

Step 6: Final Product

This has not been tried with a real baby so if you intend to use this with a real baby you might need something that can hold more weight (buckles are advised).

We would enjoy tips and suggestions on this project.

Happy Making!

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    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks it was all my kids idea. They made it all And I am so proud of the turnout !