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We all have been there. Not finding a parking spot for your car. So we came up with a project to find vacant parking spots using sensors. We tried to achieve the same goals using IoT, we did. The sensors used were increased and so was the difficulty. However this instructable gives you all the required files and how to use them accordingly.

Contributor: Pranavchendur T K ( ), Gokulnath

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Step 1: Hardware and Softwares Required

1) Arduino Uno

2) Ultrasonic sensors HC-SR04

3) Jumper wires

4) LEDs

5) Arduino software

6) Breadboard

7) Processing (software)

8) A php instance

Step 2: Setting Up Hardware

The arduino and the ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 is connected as shown in the diagram. The coding part for 'em is done using arduino software. You can find the files here. The number of sensors that can be integrated is left upto you. Use this as a template for it.

Step 3: Getting Connected

We use Processing software since this is a prototype. This takes out a piece of hardware out of the list. IT collects the sensor data from the arduino and push it through HTTP requests to the server. We implement this by running the code on a computer to which the arduino is connected on a specified COM port. Use the attached sketch for implementing your processing application.

Step 4: Spinning Up the Server

We use PHP to handle the request from the arduino sensors. We use AJAX to update the status page in real time. The attached code can be deployed to a PHP instance to power up your setup.

Step 5: Testing

When you are finally set up, run a few hit and trial runs to find out bugs if any. The output from the sensor should be updated lively to any website that you used for the process. Both cases of outputs are shown in these images.

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    11 Discussions


    2 years ago

    ardiuno board switches off when given to 5V and switches ON for 3.3 v


    2 years ago

    Great, I actually did something similar a few months back too, I've been looking for someone to help on my project!


    2 years ago

    hey bro, why template step 2 different?


    3 years ago

    cool iot project dude , that's innovative.

    Sounder R

    3 years ago

    I have a doubt buddy...u can use this setup to find the availability of just a single parking lot...what if u use the HC SR04 to count the number of vehicles which enter and exit the mall and calculate the total number of parking spaces available... that would roughly give u the total available parking spaces!...just a suggestion... but overall a good IoT project!!

    1 reply
    akshayfrozentreeSounder R

    Reply 3 years ago

    Its true, that could also be done given we have a separate entrance and exit. I also had streets in my mind, when I thought of this project. Imagine as mobile app showing you the nearest or quickest parking spot locations. Fit this we need separate sensors. Thank you for the suggestion and complement


    3 years ago

    Very cool. Could find a use for this where i live. A good place to get parts I found->