Parkinson Smilator(Tremor)





Introduction: Parkinson Smilator(Tremor)

It is a device that simulates Parkinson's disease

Step 1: Design With Fusion 360

Step 2: Lead Weigt


Make the process outdoor

Use safe gloves, safe goggles and mask

Put the piece in very little water. Dry the inside of piece(3d print mold). Pour the molten lead. Do not smell steam.

Wait a few minutes to cool down. Do not touch it until you are sure it is cold.

Step 3: 3d Print and Test

I use 12volts DC Gearhead 100 rpm electric motor but 12v not enough for turning lead weight. So I use a 19 volt laptop adapter

Make strap with velcro

Step 4: Finish



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    4 Discussions

    I have read of various devices to help professionals understand the challenges faced by patients, but this is the first design I've seen posted. Thank you very much.

    "Before you criticise someone, walk a mile in their shoes" (traditional)
    "Before you criticise someone, write a line with their hand" (this)

    1 reply

    I thank you. The firm that ordered the design will soon officially share the STL model.

    Great build. This would be good for care professionals to use while doing several common tasks so they can experience and understand the challenges facing their patients.

    1 reply

    It was produced and used for the awareness of doctors at the drug presentation stand.