Part 3: Eclipse Mars 2 (SDK Manager)

Introduction: Part 3: Eclipse Mars 2 (SDK Manager)

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What is SDK Manager?

The Android SDK Manager separates the SDK tools, platforms, and other components into packages for easy access and management. You can also customize which sites the SDK Manager checks for new or updated SDK packages and add-on tools. (

By the way, SDK means "Software Development Kit," and let me show an overview on how does it work.

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Step 1: Android Preferences (SDK Path)

There are ways we could find SDK Manager:

    1. In the toolbars (as you could see in the image)
    2. Windows Menu Bar > SDK Manager

    You could also check the Android Preferences, where the SDK path was declared. It is possible that you could locate SDK in other paths as long as it was always complete in package, especially the SDK Manager.exe

    Step 2: The SDK Manager

    As you observe there are a lot of check box of tools, platforms etc.

    According to the API Level, you will be using, just check what is included. It doesn't require to check all of it, just what is needed. Then click the 'install' in the lower right and wait for it to be completely downloaded.

    Take Note: System Images occupies a lot of space!

    Step 3: Check the SDK Folder

    You could check inside the folders if the SDK path was correctly located and the downloads was already placed.

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