Part I: Beginning Crochet


Introduction: Part I: Beginning Crochet

Beginning crochet: part 1: the slip knot and the foundation chain .



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    A size 9 hook is generally used for lace. I have used them on occasion to make hats and hacky sacks. In this case, the size 9 refers to the hook being 1.4mm in diameter. It works best with size 10 crochet thread. I'm using a size K hook or 6.5mm in the video. Leigh MacD

    Thanks so much! I have been wanting to learn to do crochet for a while now, and i could never find a site that has a tutorial besides a couple that helped a little. But this also helped, and please continue these!

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    yes, I have. I usually use a size 1 or 2 crochet hook for amigurumi and 2 ply sport weight yarn. It takes awhile to get used to the smaller hook size. When my nana taught me to crochet, I wanted badly to crochet lace right away (I was 8yo.), so after I learned all the basic stitches, she gave me worsted weight yarn to 'practice' making the lace before I graduated to the smaller hooks. You may find trying the amigurumi with thicker yarn and a larger hook helpful until you master the shaping techniques. If this doesn't help, please go to my website and send me a private email on what you'd like to learn and I'll try to teach you over the net.

    I actually only wanted to make some amigurumi things, and maybe a hacky sack, if you could do some tutorials on that, they would help a lot.

    What letter hook is a size 2? And When I get a chance i will definitely make that hackysack. Thanks.

    I would say that since an E is a US4 (3.50mm) and a US 3 (3.25mm) would maybe be a D, then a 2 (2.75mm) might be a B, but is not sold that way. When you get to the store, you would be looking for a US 2 (2.75mm) or a UK 12 (2.75mm). Hope this helps!

    Are you comfortable crocheting with #3 crochet cotton and a size 2 crochet hook?? If so, you'll be able to do my hackey sack pattern. I'll try to get the instructable for it up today.