Part Three - Make a Planter for Concrete Casting - Latex Molding & Building the Mother Mold

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Make A Planter With Plaster Of Paris Bandage For Concrete Casting - Part Three - Latex Molding & Building The Mother Mold.

Creating a garden and/or home planter for plants, using plaster of Paris bandages, plastic pots, clay/plastecine. The planter is sculpted using the plaster of Paris bandages over ordinary plastic household/garden pots to create a planter to take a latex mold from and to make further planters cast with concrete.

In this video, the latex mold is created and the mother mold is created using plaster of Paris bandages, to prepare for the final casting in part four.

Materials used: Plastic pots, plaster of Paris bandages, clay/plastecine, filler (i.e: plaster of Paris/cement) and water.

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