PartMaker SwissCAM Advanced




Introduction: PartMaker SwissCAM Advanced

We will cover the fundamentals of 3 axis 3D milling on a Swiss lathe with PartMaker SwissCAM using Y and C axis machining methods.

Step 1: Y-Axis: 3D Raster Milling Basics

In this step we will review the fundamentals of surface machining and make a raster finishing toolpath on a complex blends.

Step 2: Y-Axis: 3D Raster Finishing Continued

Using boundaries to contain 3D toolpaths and adjusting leads for improved blending.

Step 3: Y-Axis: 3D Offset

Review of the 3D offset finishing strategy for consistent surface finish across various surface slopes.

Step 4: Y-Axis: 3D Projection Machining

Using 2D patterns to project 3D toolpaths onto part geometry. The application here being to debur a cross hole.

Step 5: Y and C Axis - Constant X and Z

Machining vertical, near vertical and undercut surfaces with constant Z and constant Z strategy.

Step 6: C Axis - Rotary Milling

Radial rotational 3d milling along and across the part.

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