Participate in Earth Hour 2009

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Turn off the lights. Help out, you live here too.

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Step 1: Google Is With It

Turn off your lights or lighting stuff for 1 hour At 8:00pm Pacific, read a book, listen to the radio, Play a board game, talk, do something besides the computer, lights or stuff like that, play with your bird, draw a picture, get drunk? just try to participate. Google did. Now esurance commercials are with it.
Earth hour is about being Green and conserving energy.

Don't be in the dark about Earth Hour.



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    I find Earth Hour funny for a couple of reasons. 1. Coal power is the main power source, at least for Australia. A coal power plant takes a few hours to turn off, and a few weeks to turn back on. When there is a drop in demand, the power is simply dumped into the ground. 2. Everyone turns off their lights, only to light candles, which are often made from oil products! Don't get me wrong, it is good to make people think, but it would be better if people made long lasting changes in their everyday life, instead of a feel good hour once a year.

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    Technically we are just turning off lights, thats about it, but people are also encouraged to do other things than sit there.

    Every March 31st right? At 7 p.m.? I forgot it this year, and I felt bad about it. I'm not about to forget it again.

    @MacMan45, I also live in Australia. The power plants here, and presumably everywhere else, have what is known as a "Base Load", which is the minimum amount of power needed to power everything. If everybody switches off their lights, it doesn't affect the amount of power being produced by the power stations. Therefore, it makes everybody feel good and think about the environment, even if it's just for that one hour, but it makes no change to the output from the power plants.

     I know, I'm just a little cynical I guess.
    I tend to think people use it as a way to reduce their guilt, as opposed to using it as a call to action.

    They do. But at least they are aware of it, and maybe we'll have one additional hour of energy's worth of fossil fuel when they are almost gone. :)

     "maybe we'll have one additional hour of energy's worth of fossil fuel"

    Umm, I think you might want to reread both what Bob & I said, we won't have the extra fuel because the power plants are running at the same capacity all the time anyway.
    Nothing is saved by earth hour, the "saved" power is simply dumped into the ground to get rid of it

     Hey Bob,
    That was my point!

    My main issue with Earth hour is that all the news reports how much co2 was saved in that one hour, which is really dishonest.
    It makes people feel good & think they have helped out, which makes them complacent and smug, instead of making people think of longterm solutions they should be implementing everyday in their lives.