Particle Photon and Linkit One Serial Communication

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Intro: Particle Photon and Linkit One Serial Communication

The Linkit one is a great board and the best part of it is it is portable and being portable it, is great to design wearable devices using the micro-controller. Another cool microcontroller which I work with is the Particle photon, this is similar to the linkit one and is really tiny and has on board WiFi module. In this instructable I'm going to show you how to setup communication between the Linkit One board and the particle core. For this instuctable I will be showing you communication via serial interface and in the next instructable I will show you how to communicate wireless over WiFi.

Step 1: Tools and Components

Here is a list of all the components required to get started with the project,

Linkit One

Particle Photon


Connecting wires

Micro USB Cable

Step 2: Serial Communication

Serial Communion is a common standard communication of communicating in a wired interface it is most commonly used while working with a arduino. It uses two pins for communication TX and RX pins, to communicate it has different BAUD rates for communication.

Step 3: Circuit

The circuit is quite simple all the connections that need to be done is

connect the TX pin or D0 from the linkit one to the RX pin or the particle core

connect the RX pin or D1 from the linkit one to the TX pin or the particle core

You can also connect the power to the spark core via the Vin pin and the particle photon is capable of handling voltages of up to 6V.

Step 4: Code

The code can be found below and you will require a modified Arduino IDE to work with the LinkIt One board to upload the code.

Linkit One

SoftwareSerial ser(0,1);

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("SERIAL: BEGIN");

ser.begin(9600); ser.println("SOFTWARE SERIAL: BEGIN"); }

void loop() { if(ser.available()) { Serial.print("writing to serial"); Serial.write(; } }



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