Particle Photon/Electron Screw Shield Used for Outdoor Temperature Sensing Using Solar Power




Introduction: Particle Photon/Electron Screw Shield Used for Outdoor Temperature Sensing Using Solar Power

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This is a project in Setting and installing Temperature sensors in Junction Box ..Using a Particle and a Particle Screw Shield

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Step 1: Step One ..Basics

I just used an old junction box with a battery compartment ..I also built and installed a 120 volt AC to 12 volt DC power converter and also installed with (Gorilla Two sided tape) a voltage converter to convert 12VDC to 5 VDC ..I also installed DIN Rail for clip in Connectors ..and of course a plexiglass back plane for mounting the Particle and particle screw Shield

To get your updated shield please help out it will be a blast. The lower pictures are of my prototype. The new shields come with labels and silk screening. This project is right up a lot of people's alley. I am incorporating a Particle Photon with real world industrial /commercial products and a new one of mine to be able to monitor a solar battery charging setup, monitoring and charting sunlight, monitoring and charting temperatures as well as junction box humidity.

Step 2: Mounting Screw Shield

Step 1
Mount the Particle screw shield by placing on the board and, using a sharpie, mark where to drill the hole.

Step 2
Drill the hole. I used a tapping drill; it drills and taps the hole for a 10/32 screw. See picture:

Step 3
Mount the screw shield:

Step 3: The Devices

Step 4 Mount devices
I took an old through hole photocell switch apart and soldered leads on it and then took a DHT22 and soldered leads on it and slid shrink wrap over the leads to prevent short circuits. Then I slid the wires through a sealing grommet. I don't know where to get them (I found this one). See photos

Step 4: Installing Wiring

Step 5
After devices are mounted, run your wiring to the shield using the diagram. Be careful not to install your Particle until you meter the leads, and meter where the 12 volt voltage meter is installed. The 100k Ohm resister goes between the feed wire and where the two resistors come together. The other side of the 10k Ohm resistor goes to ground. Insert all the wires where they are supposed to go. Clean up junction box with tie wraps, and then go on to the programming. I included two programs: one is an MQTT example going to OpenHAB and the other one goes to Thingspeak.
Thanks for looking at my project!

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