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Step 1: Invitations

my sister used a cricut paper/vinyl cutter for scrap booking & Making Awesome Invitations like the pic in the Intro ,it is a pop up style, for nephews first bday ( its in October, Always a Halloween Theme (AWESOME), since so close to the actual day !) .... so the coffin was the latest, and inside was a burnt scroll with with the Birthday info also contained dried moss and a skeleton some were dismembered in some kind of way , this year was a 5" Decorative Box ,when you remove the lid you get the details of invitation and a spooky scene . unfold in front of your eyes ooooooooooo ok not so scary , but it's Kool !and a fake Chest bomb so Real ,I scare myself sometimes !

Step 2: Decorations

so here we have the main table, and bottles pillaged from every one they know ,, there is a Temequila Bottle , patron tequila, Agavero Tequila wine bottles, beer bottles, ect they are filled with water with Highlighter Ink accented with black lights . they are wrapped in homemade labels ,Poisons / potions,vampire Blood , Eye of Newt Energy Drinks, zombie virus . and some were topped with a melted candle well melted during the night , some of the bottles tops are wrapped in twine or gauze.......under the table was a smoke machine not shown , and i rigged three tubes that came up to the middle of the bottles Looked Great ! but not on camera too washed out !

Step 3: More Decorations

all over ther were spider webs withe , black , Glow in the dark . A Giant Spider  made from construction paper  my sister found at Tall mouse , this roll lasted  about five different birthdays  the legs were twisted tight and taped , spider guts and the head were  newspaper wrapped with construction paper and the face was free cut , there was thought of using as the pinata but it would have gotten ugly Quick !!

Step 4: Whats Halloween Without Candy ??

My lil Sisters famous " The Candy Bar "  , all kinds of candy to satisfy your Sweet Tooth  for every occasion !  , complete with a trail of ants , roaches , spiders ....My sister hot glued the all the plastic insects to the table cloth , theres the Bday boy after par-taking in some sweet treats  .

Step 5: Food !!

Food Is always Good !!   I made These !!  SpiderDeviled Eggs , Devils Eyeball eggs ,  (those we Habenero & Jalapeno ) Hot Hot Good Good Possible Instructable Coming Soon !!  Some Home made Salsa ,  everything in the Christmas pic was home made by my sisters , mom , dad , niece & daughter  except for the cherry cordials and the fruit tray  oh and the Crackers  lol

Step 6: Pumpkins !

man we must go through truckloads of pumpkins every year and end up with loads of pumpkin seeds  till the next year coming ,  every year it gets easier we star breaking out the dremel and the rotozip and start cutting  usually they arent the same  similar  but not the same , the one pumpkin with the cemetery scene was a friends  they won the contest we were having , oh yea thats another thing  every guest has to bring at least one carved pumpkin . there was one with candy corn hot glued all around , looked like Pinhead on steroids !!    theres my nephew  2 bday getting in the action !!  all for my lil buddy !!

Step 7:

theres always drinks  Beer, Wine , soda , juice  cocktails  !      theres the Ice face in the Bowls  , spiders & eyeball Ice cubes  ,   My Brother in Law made these cotton candy martini's ,   vodka , cranberry juice , pineapple juice, rimmed with sugar and a palmfull of cotton candy dropped into glass  . soo good  after the fifth you start feeling the alcohol  lol   Be careful !!

Step 8: Here's the Goodies

One of My Sisters made  Monster Fingers , regular peanut butter cookies rolled and a Peanut for the fingernail and some raspberry filling for the blood  ( Why did the kids not eat these ?? )  this was one of my sisters baby shower   Red Velvet cupcakes , you can see the chocolate one on the side  the party gift bags with favors  cut with the cricut cutter ,  my sister elizabeths birthday cupcakes made by my youngest sister   there a spool of thread , a cake , makeup with a brush , pin pad , scuba diver , sewing machine & lipstick   she always incorporates things people like  making them special  just for them . everything in the pics are cakes and are edible  covered in Fondant  shaped by and made by lil sis  , She is a Natural !

Step 9: The End !!

Thanks For looking  Hope you enjoyed the tour of our Celebrations !!   Salute , Campai , Opa , Cheers !!

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Step 11:

Step 12:

Step 13:



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    so so so fun I wanna party with you guys and craft too --- pleeeeeze lol great job on everything luved it


    7 years ago on Step 9

    I loved reading everything ; )