Party Box

Introduction: Party Box

No matter if it is hot out or cold out, having music with you will make any weather feel better.

This Party box will take the tunes where you want to go.

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Step 1: The Party Box

If you want a fun weekend project.

This video will walk you through building it.

Step 2: Tools and Parts

Parts list for Portable music box


  1. Acrylic sheet or Wood for radio/tweeter mount
  2. Bullet Connectors
  3. Female Spade Connector
  4. Old Radio
  5. Screws with Nuts
  6. Set of Speakers
  7. Switch ON/OFF
  8. Tool box
  9. Wire
  10. Wire nuts


  1. Drill
  2. Hole saw or rotary cutting tool attachment
  3. Rotary tool
  4. Soldering Iron if you want to solder your speakers
  5. Wire Cutters/Crimpers

Step 3: Templates

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