Party Bracelet for Men

Intro: Party Bracelet for Men

Party Bracelet For Men

Bracelet For Men...!

Step 1: Materials Needed


  1. Thread
  2. Scissor
  3. CD Marker
  4. Black colour plastic sheet
  5. Normal 2 hole paper punch
  6. Scale

  • Let start, Take scissor cut the plastic bottle into horizontal than take a cutted plastic bottles sheet, scale and cd marker. Take a scale put on plastic bottle sheet than mark a dots with cd marker on plastic sheet,Each dots should be one 1 cm gap. After completed a marking on plastic sheet. than make hole on plastic sheet to insert a thread for making loops.
  • Take a Black colour plastic sheet than make a blade shape.

Step 2: Attach Plastic Blades

  • Attach the plastic blades to the bracelet.

Step 3: Watch Pics

These bracelet for party wear. Thank you.



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