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If your ascheap Thrifty as me then you will love these party decorations that you can hang from the ceiling or over your table as a hanging centrepiece.

Step 1: How to Make It...

circle or square. Then Cut approx 2 inches from the centre of it to make a hole.

Cover the cardboard with fabric scraps or wrap it with ribbon.
Stitch or glue on some beading around the edge. You can loop the bead garland into swags if you want it to hang down.

Make 4-6 drops by threading flower petals onto a length of ribbon. You can use flowers with holes already in them from a store bought lei or simply pull apart some plastic flowers and make a hole in the middle of the petals.

Secure the flowers with a large bead or knot to stop them sliding down.

You can hang bells from the centre or small squares of cardboard with mirrors glued onto them. Just hang the squares with some ribbon, beads or fishing line.

Using fishing line tie your top shape and the 4 corners into a single knot in the middle of the mobile. You may need help to tie the hanging knot at the top as you don't want your knot to be unbalanced or your mobile will tilt.

You can cover up the fishing line with more beaded garlands or even some ribbon.

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