"Bagerator" to Serve Homebrewed Beer From 2 Liter Mini Kegs



Introduction: "Bagerator" to Serve Homebrewed Beer From 2 Liter Mini Kegs

I recently showed you how to make a cheap and easy mini keg system using 2 liter PET bottles. Check it out here.

But how to carry the whole setup to a party? Assemble a "Bagerator"!

Better yet - take 2 x 2 liter bottles of your homebrew or even a 6 liter bottle if it is a big party.

Step 1: Secure CO2 Tank in Cooler Bag

I found this Coleman cooler bag at Walmart for $30. Take the larger one.

The 20 oz Paintball CO2 tank goes in the bag, but it is heavy and tends to topple over.

So I used a leftover piece of 1" Foamalite insulation to make a rest. Cut it to fit the cooler bag and hot glue layers after cutting it to fit the tank.

Step 2: More Than One Bottle

One 2 liter bottle holds 6 bottles of beer. Not enough.

So use a Y Union "Push-to-connect" instead of just a Union to split your CO2 line and use two PET-a-drafts. Now you can take different beers!

I also added a "Push to connect" valve so I can close off the CO2 while changing bottles.

Step 3: Tap Holder

The picnic taps can just hang out of the bag. But why not make a tap holder?

I used a piece of 3/4" plywood cut to fit into the end pocket on the cooler bag. First I drilled two 13mm holes to get a tight fit to hold the tap steady.

Then cut a 9.4 mm slot to tightly hold the tap upright and feed the vinyl tube through.

I hot glued fridge magnets to the tap holder so I can add labels to the taps.

Step 4: Assemble

First assemble your PET-a-draft setup. Set PSI on regulator.

Insert the tank into the bag with the CO2 tank with the regulator peeking out.

Then add some Ice bricks to keep everything cold, followed by the PET bottles.

Feed the Picnic taps out the zipper towards the Tap holder and through the slots.

Label your beers.

Remember to make some kind of drip tray as these picnic taps are messy. I use a piece of very absorbent cloth.

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