Party of 5 With New-ish Kitchen

Introduction: Party of 5 With New-ish Kitchen

Hi, I'm Jennifer, mom of three little boys and, along with hubby Josh, a weekend DIY remodeler!

We are half way through a 12 month very slow kitchen remodel.  We turned our dining room into our kitchen so that we could use the larger space AND so we did not have to go without a kitchen during the remodel.  So far, we have plumbed the new sink and dishwasher, installed new lighting in the ceiling, re-wired for the range and purchased second-hand wall and base cabinets. 

BUT, we are in need of a kitchen island, preferraby one with a butchen block counter to go in the center of this new room! Come on, IKEA $1000!!!

I have included loads of pictures:

Day one - the first swing of a hammer on the wall dividing the old kitchen and new kitchen  
Day 30 - removal of half of the wall and the installation of th ethe plumbing for the new sink and dishwasher
Day 90 - Drywall and removal of old carpet
Day 120 - Cabinets being installed so we could have a working sink and dishwahser
Day 130 - new can-lights on in ceiling and more cabinets added but not yet set
I also included a wide shot of the whole room as it is today.

We have lots to do here.  Still have the popcorn ceiling to remove, upper cabinets to hang, floors to install and more, but we are well on our way!

The last two shots are taken from the family room looking into what was once the kitchen of the house.  We are in the middle of demolition this kitchen now that the other one is fuctional (not pretty yet, but functional.)  We will be ripping out the ceiling, cabinets and old sink to make way for a large open dining room here.  For now, working on the removal of the 18 inch white tile which is never white with three boys around!

While it seems crazy that we are living in the middle of this, it means we are never without something to do either. Thanks for looking!!! Vote for the crazy party for 5!!

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    3 years ago

    Nice! Great ideas, thank you. I'm living in a building site, more or less, from roof to foundations, and part of it is the kitchen. We hope, and I say hope, that we'll have finished refurbishing the house in 3 years, and 1 is passed. The kitchen is one of the biggest problems, as it's in constant use, and was "unhealthy". Also is the bathroom, although we have 2 WC's, thinking about it. Trouble is, when you re do plumbing and electricity you can't go room by room, so it's all, as opposed to nothing... but in the end, as your pictures show for you, I hope it'll be worth it!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    ok we all know that ikea out sources thro china. com to instructable po learn how to make a butcher block.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    12 months is rather quick for a DIY kitchen. When my parents did ours, we too turned the dining room into a make shift kitchen, but the entire project took FIVE YEARS. I commend you for doing it in 1/5 the amount of time we did. :)