Sometimes it´s easier to collect money or nice words for the main character.

With InkJet Printers, carton and some glue it´s easy done

Step 1: Make a Prototype...

Use normal paper to get a feeling for size and proportions, and to discuss with the party gang

Step 2: Choose a Nice Background...

Print 2 or 3 sheets of weighted paper (180) to get frame and Material

Step 3: Prepare a Stabdard Box

For a robust bottom body you have to find a box in the right dimension.

You have to cut the flap (save it), and if the rest is to big cut it too.

Just take care the flap fits into your bottom

Step 4: Glue the Frame

Dry place your prepared bottom and the flap and try to bend around one of the inkjet prints.
It chould form a nice round. Or the shake you want (at least this can be quadratic, or triangle too)

Mark the paper with positions using a light pen.

After glueing and drying the 3 parts should fit together and form a nice round

Step 5: Make a Template for the Side Parts

Using light paper you form a template for the sidepart.
Put the box on the side, draw the shape and cut it wih a scissor

Do it a little bigger in the beginning, and cut it down for a perfekt fit.

Step 6: Use Your Side Template

Search some carton you with a usefill thickness and cut your 2 sides.

Step 7: Laminate Sides

Use the next bow of your printed sheets and glue the sideparts on it. Yuo may or not be carefull with your pattern.
After cutting away the laminated pattern you glue the two sides onto your bottom frame

Step 8: Moneyslot

Now cut a money slot and secure it with some Ducktape.

If wanted do the slot for the Megaflap too

Step 9: Fancy Flap

With same technique (laminting, carton and direct messurement) you can build a fancy flap.
I recomment to fix it with ducktape and to keep it in place on the bottom frame.

Step 10: Securing Sides

If the Shape is very special sometimes its a good idea to put some ducktape in the sides.
Just make sure you can open the box from the back

Step 11: The Card

fold up the last sheet with your pattern and write somethingh nice on it (first lead pencil, after that the marker - if your handwriting skills are underdeveloped)

People can leave a message, or just their sign to the card.



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