Password Program

This is a pretty simple program that uses the CommandPromt (CMD). This program let you access passwords fast and easy. This is fairly safe because it does'nt use any online service, so you can use it offline!

Hope you like both the tutorial and the program, because it took some time to make

Step 1: Turning a .txt File Into .bat

If you already know this part skip it.

Open your .txt document then choose File -> Save As -> Just add .bat on the name of the file. You can change it if you want!

Step 2: Editing the File

Now you should see that your file has transformed into this weird thing with gears on it. Right click the file and press the second option (picture)

Step 3: Some Coding!

Now we will start with the commands

@echo off

color a

Step 4: Coding :D


echo enter password to activate program

set/p "pass=>"

if NOT "%pass%"== "PASSWORD" goto :FAIL

goto :success

Step 5: CODING :)


echo invalid password.

goto :A

Echo you got the right password!

Step 6: Much Coding

Here comes a long one


Echo enter command if you need help type help!

set/p "command=>"

if "%command%"== "end" goto :end

if "%command%"== "END" goto :end

if "%command%"== "add" goto :add
if "%command%"== "help" goto :help
if "%command%"== "list" goto :list
if "%command%"== "ADD" goto :add
if "%command%"== "HELP" goto :help
if "%command%"== "LIST" goto :list
if exist %command%. goto :show

echo invalid command or Site

goto :again

Step 7: Another Looong One!


echo enter name of site

set/p "site_name=>"
if exist %site_name%.
goto :site_exists

echo enter password

set/p "site_password=>"

echo enter username
set/p "site_username=>"
echo site name: %site_name% > %site_name%.
echo username: %site_username% >> %site_name%.
echo password: %site_password% >> %site_name%.
goto :again

Step 8: A Short One


echo --------------------------------------------------

dir /B *.

echo --------------------------------------------------

goto :again

Step 9: A Bit Loong

echo --------------------------------------------------

echo * add/ADD - Adds an website, password and username!

echo * end/END - Stop the program

echo * help/HELP - This page!

echo * list/LIST - Lists all the websites, not passwords!

echo * "website" - write website and the username and password shows up!

echo --------------------------------------------------

goto :again

Step 10: The Last One


echo --------------------------------------------------

type %command%.

echo --------------------------------------------------

goto :again

if "%end%"== "end" goto :end

if "%end%"== "END" goto :end





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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Hint, use:

    If /I "%command%" equ "end" goto :end

    /I will turn it into a case insensitive compare and you don't need to check for both upper- and lowercase.

    1 reply