Pasta Crab Caker

Introduction: Pasta Crab Caker

Home-made crab cakes with pepper dew peppers and artichoke hearts with a spinach and olive pesto cream. Any kind of Pasta that is desired in this case Angel hair and Angel hair is most common.


1.Store bought Crab cakes or make your own

2.pepper dew peppers can also use any kind of peppers your heart desires

3.artichoke hearts

4.olive pesto cream

5. Peapod ..for peas or greens you can really use anything there is really no set recipe as we change it every time 

6. Angel hair pasta...Is the best

7. spinach and olive pesto

To prepare this meal We usualy use 2 crab cakes per plate ...per Heat up your store bought crab cakes or prepare your own however you wish. Get them to the point that they can just be zapped in the oven when ready to put on the plate of pasta. Heat and drain your pasta how you normaly would any pasta for any pasta meal.....prepare your veggies,pea pods,and peppers to your liking. The angel hair pasta goes on the plate first then build it up how you would  like it. I do pasta crabcakes then kind of place the veggies and artichoke around the dish. Then following up with our own recipe for spinach and olive pesto which can be bought in store and or is also very simple to make at home :)

enjoy this is more of a build your own pasta creation as there are many variations of this dish 

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