Pastel Pictures Paintings

Introduction: Pastel Pictures Paintings

If your looking for a creative way to kick of your summer months. We have the just perfect project for you. It is called Pastel Picture Paintings. Make fun animal, things, or faces. Decorate rooms with this beautiful art that you will make. It will be so fun and easy to make, you might want to invite your friends over to have fun too.

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

All you need is:

     oil pastels (no certain kind)
     construction paper (must be construction paper)
     bar of soap (no fancy soap)
     pan of water (regular water, not special)

Step 2: Drawing

Draw on the construction paper with the SOAP. DO NOT use the oil pastels. Draw any thing from critters and creatures to faces and shapes. I decided to draw a jellyfish because it is an underwater creature and we are going to put it in water. Make sure you press nice and hard with the soap, so you can see there is a lot of soap on the paper and so you can see a nice picture. The more soap on the paper, the better the design will be. Do not be afraid to make your lines thick.

Step 3: Coloring

You are going to go over the design with oil pastels. Wherever you put soap, that is what is going to peak out of the design. You can make any design. You have to make sure that you color the whole construction paper. Make sure you do not use the same colors as the construction paper. If you have an orange color construction paper, you can not use any shade of orange oil pastels.

Step 4: Watering

Once you are done with that, you need to place the construction paper with oil pastels. The water will get murky, but that is fine. Then you will just wait for it to dry and you are done

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