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Over time, concrete can crack for a number of reasons including settlement, overloading, poor construction or the washing out of the ground under the concrete. Sakrete Top 'N Bond is designed to repair cracks in concrete. Other damage that can occur includes chipped corners, especially on concrete steps. Sakrete Fast Set Cement Patcher offers an easy way to repair and restore corners to like-new condition. Find out how with our video on Fast Set Cement Patcher. Concrete Repair



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    Hi! I live in Quebec (CAN) and there's a lot of concrete in my house. I noticed the water evaporated quickly in your video. I have a major cracking concrete problem and most products made for concrete fixing are to be applyed above 15°c or so...
    Winter is coming fast, another crack appeared last week. It's like 10°c at noon by now. Help...!!

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    When using any kind of cement based materials in colder weather, the temperature guidelines are key. Try using the Fast Setting Patcher as it will set faster but keep in mind that if the temps are too cold the water will not be able to evaporate out of the patching material at the appropriate rate during the initial setting. The water becomes trapped during this important first phase of curing and that could be a cause for the material to potentially crack. If the temperatures are too cold and you are not able to control or protect your work from freezing you may need to wait for spring. The Sakrete Team


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    Thank You BorikX for viewing the video and I will gladly pass on your suggestion to the marketing department. Maybe when the video's are updated we can include a frame of the finished work.
    The Sakrete Team