Patches the Puppy

Introduction: Patches the Puppy

You will need:
Fabric Scraps or Fabric of your choosing
Sewing Machine
Matching Thread
3” Square Template (I made my from cardboard)
Fabric Pen
Filler (I use polyester stuffing)
Buttons (Optional)

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Step 1: Cut Patchwork Squares

Before starting you will need a 3x3 inch square. I find that if I make it from light weight cardboard it’s easier to use and will last longer.
First collect your assorted fabric . If your fabric needs to be ironed do that. Then trace and cut out 3” squares.
You will need 15 squares for the front, 15 squares for the back and 26 squares for the edging. A total of 56 squares. This will take you a little while, but take your time tracing and cutting. (I cut my squares using a pinking shears to help the hems lay better.)

Step 2: Sew the Body of the Puppy

Once you have 54 assorted squares cut out, you can start assembling your dog See Photo to help visulize this process. Now start sewing your dog together. I usually connect the longer pieces together first, stitch together by using a ¼-inch seam allowance, sewing with a basic stitch. Before I connect the other sections together I press down the all the seams with an iron. Repeat with 14 squares to create the back side.

Step 3: Sew Back Side

Sew the backside of the dog.

Step 4:

To create the section for the edging connect 26 squares together, making one really long strip & iron the seams. Now you are ready to add the edging on to the front of the dog. Start connecting the edging at the bottom side of your dog connecting it square by square. Be careful to line up the squares, good fabric sides together, the best you can before you sew the edge on. Work square by square, lining it up eachtime and The edging should be all along the outside edge of the dog, with a opening at the bottom which will be used later to stuff the dog.

Step 5:

While the piece is inside out attach the back of the dog, being careful again to line up the squares. Now you are done sewing with the machine you can turn the dog right side out.

Step 6:

Fill the dog with stuffing. (I usually use about 10-12oz of filler) making sure to push it up into the ear, nose, tail and feet. It takes a little practice to get the right amount of filler. After you are satified with the amount of stuffing finish by hand stiching the last two squares together with matching thread. Add buttons if you choose. I choose two buttons, I first placed the two buttons together, then I attached them to the dog. Admire & enjoy your Patchwork Dog.

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