Patchwork Phone Bag




Introduction: Patchwork Phone Bag

About: Hi! My name is Advika Sharma and I love to tinker! Some of my favorite hobbies include reading, drawing, coding, tinkering/making, and most of all, PLAYING WITH SLIME!!!


  • many different colors of felt or fabric
  • some way to sew easily
  • thread
  • needle

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Step 1: Make/Collect Your Patches

If you don't already have patches, then all you have to do is cut up your fabric or felt(whatever you are going to use) into tiny little squares. Make sure that they are at least 3 different colors. The size of your patches will depend on the size of your bag.

Step 2: Sew on Your Patches

Arrange the patches at the top of your felt. Then sew them together in a row. This will be the decoration at the top of your bag. Now you can sew these patches onto your main fabric/felt piece as your decor!

Step 3: Add a Pocket

Once you have sewed on your top row of patches, you can(only if you want) add a pocket. First choose what part of your(flat) bag you want to be the front. Then, you can either use one of your bigger patches, or create a bigger one to be your pocket. Position it wherever you want your pocket to be, and then sew the bottom and sides onto the bag.

Step 4: The Open/Close Flap

Now before we close up the bag, we need to add one more thing. How will you open/close your bag? You have to make a flap to open and close your bag. All you have to do is make a small rectangle big enough close around the top of your bag. Then position it at the back of your bag, and sew it on. Then, on the front, measure how far the flap goes down and sew on a button there. Make sure to cut a hole in the flap for the button!

Step 5: Make the Bag

Now that you have finished all the add-ons to your bag, you need to make it look like a bag. When you sew the bag, you have to sew it inside-out. So first fold it so that all the add-ons are on the inside, and then sew together the side and bottom. Now you can drop your phone in there! Your bag is done!

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    2 years ago

    That's a cute pouch :)