Patina of Copper



Introduction: Patina of Copper

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This is a quick run through of how I attempted to make a vapor chamber to patina copper.

Materials Required:

1-Airtight container
1-Copper to be oxidized
1-Can of clear coat
Epoxy(dries clear) or Glue
Paper Towels
String, or other method of suspension

Household Unscented Ammonia
Table Salt
Baking Soda

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Step 1: Crafting the Work Piece

To make my "copper snake" I put two pieces of copper-clad steel into my vice, and then used a drill to slowly twist them into a tight braid. If you're worried about them coming apart, apply a dabble of Flux and feel free to solder them, but keep in mind that only the copper will "age".

From there I just twisted braids until I had the desired shape.

For the ring the work piece sets on, I simple hammered out some of the same wire on an anvil until I had a flat ring, with a pre-braided loop on top.

Step 2: The Chamber

Honestly, this part is where the danger comes in. These chemicals are honestly pretty dangerous. Don't do as I did, have fans, or atleast some kind of respirator on hand. By the end of the first take my camera man and I had to actually go outside for as hard as it was to breath.

Here's a link to my video walkthrough.

Step 3: The Conclusion

Let me just say, I forgot that there was exposed steel on my piece. Stupid mistake that almost made me scrap the project. All in all it worked, and I was pretty pleased by it. I did make a pretty crude vapor chamber but at the end of the day, it worked.
If you can be properly safe with this, I'd love to see people improve the concept.

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