Patio Umbrella Stand From Old Diving Board Mount

Introduction: Patio Umbrella Stand From Old Diving Board Mount

As we moved into our new/used home, we looked forward to enjoying the beautiful pool and backyard. It is a diving pool, but what the previous owners did with the diving board is anyone's guess, however they did leave the rusty spring/mount behind. We're not into diving anyways, and the area it is in seemed perfect for an umbrella and a couple chairs. I could have cut off the embedded stud in the deck, but that would be irreversible if we ever moved, so I decided to make the spring the umbrella stand instead.

I purchased a 12" length of 1.5" electrical conduit that fit the umbrella pole perfectly, as well as a keeper pin to secure the two together in the wind. After grinding the areas for the two pieces to meet, I broke out the welder and secured them with a bead.

I then figured one end would be able to support a small beverage table. I had some shelf standards left over from another project that fit neatly inside the existing bolt holes, so I cut them to length and tacked them in with the welder. I added a couple of 90 degree Simpson brackets onto the standards to secure the tabletop to. I found the tabletop at a thrift store for a whopping $1, and used some light angle metal to fully support the top and attach to the brackets.

I sprayed the entire assembly with flat white paint to dress it up and bolted it to the existing studs in the deck.

The last thing to do is mount a basketball backboard/hoop to the other side. Still searching the online ads to find a used one, but that will complete this poolside project.

If it ever becomes necessary, I can cut the umbrella post and standards off, drill out the remaining material in the board mount holes, and it can have a diving board mounted to it. The welding was nowhere near intense enough to compromise the strength of the mount.

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Step 1: Patio Umbrella Mount

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