Patriotic 4th of July Party Favors

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Firecrackers and rockets make the perfect 4th of July party favors for all ages. They are easy to make, easy to open and less messy than a piñata. If you have never received one of these fun favors, the outside is wrapped like a present, and when the ends are pulled, the contents are released.

What you will need:

• Empty Paper Towel Roll (Trimmed To 6.75")
• Tissue Paper (White)
• Ribbon
• Dum Dum Pops
• Saf-T-Pops
• Cardstock (Patriotic)
• Clear Adhesive Tape

Fill the empty roll with red white and blue lollipops

Using one sheet of tissue paper, roll the filled tube into the tissue paper and tie ribbon on each end to secure the candy in place. You may want to trim some of the extra tissue paper off, but leave at least two inches on both sides.

Trim cardstock so it is the same width as the roll. Wrap the roll in cardstock and secure with clear, adhesive tape.

You can add messages on the firecracker such as "Happy Fourth of July" to celebrate the holiday. These are great party favors and kids will enjoy the anticipation of opening each to see which goodies are inside.



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