Patriotic Pallet


Introduction: Patriotic Pallet

About: Debbie doo's was established in 2009 on a whim. A stay at home Mom sharing my creativity with friends at first has turned into a full time labor of love.

First, find a free pallet. You can find pallets at your local hardware stores, like Home Depot, or Lowes.

Step 1:

Spray paint first. Let it completely dry, and add craft paint for stripes.

Step 2:

For full project step by step come check it out on DebbieDoo's

Step 3:

Enjoy your patriotic pallet on the patio.



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    I suggest copying and pasting the direction from your blog instead of having us go there to see your project. The ads are terribly annoying and this is border-line spam. Also, how did you make the stars?

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    The stars are a stencil that I found in a pack at Walmart. They have many shapes and patterns in a big pack in their craft section. I am no more a spammer than any other site on the web that you visit. In fact, less so.

    I apologize as my statement reads as kind of rude. I just thought you could tell us how to make this without having to go to your website. Have you happened to have viewed your website on a mobile device? Tons of ads.

    Hi Tater, no problem. Most mobile sites (bloggers anyhow) are set up the same way. I have no control over the set up to be honest. I do apologize for that, but you can just scroll right on by and don't click and the content is all there. Thanks again for the apology, I didn't take it as rude honestly, more perplexed because my site is really no different than a bazillion others with ads on them:) Gotta make a living and send a kid to college somehow lol!