Patron Bottle Lamp

Introduction: Patron Bottle Lamp

So I have been putting this together as a present for my patron loving father for a bit for christmas and I finally finished it a few days before. So here it is!!! Any questions don't be afraid to ask.

I used this instructable for the night light setup.

The lamp has a normal switch on the light socket to turn it on and off and it has the touch sensors built into the copper shot glasses to dim the light. The lamp shade is just a regular lamp shade and then I transfered some photos to canvas using modge podge photo transfer and glued them to the lamp shade. There is 2 blue leds and 4 bright white leds in the bottle, and 2 red leds for copper cups , all leds had the tips cut off to diffues the light a bit. The bottle is filled with broken glass after I shattered a outdoor table trying to take it apart..luckily it was going in the trash already but I saved the glass figuring it would come in handy. The base it a piece of wood I found at michaels one day, I have yet to find another there.Glad I snatched it up. I used polyacrylic on the bark edges and on the top and it gave it a natural look and seals the bark to the wood really good.. It only looks a little glossy on the edges but it is mostly clear.



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