Paua Shells on a Piece of Wood



So you went to New Zealand and purchased a pack of paua shells. The questions is now: "What do you do with this pack of shells?".

The answer is: "Stick them on a piece of wood".

This instructable shows you how to stick paua shells on a piece of wood.

You will need:
 - block of wood
 - saw
 - paua shells
 - PVA glue
 - brush
 - ruler


Step 1: Mark the Piece of Wood

Mark the squares on the piece of wood. Remember its a square. Thus length and height must be equal.

Step 2: Cut the Piece of Wood

Cut the wood with a saw.

Step 3: Glue the Paua Shells Onto the Piece of Wood

Use PVA glue with a brush to glue the shells onto piece of wood. Leave it to dry for a day.

Step 4: Finish

In the end you should end up with an object shown.



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