Paula Dress Free Sewing Pattern

Ok, so when creating a new pattern, I usually start with something not even similar to the final project. For example:- This dress was going to be a v-neck maxi dress :) (I am still thinking about making it though)- This dress was going to be called Sweetheart dress.- This dress was supposed to be posted by Monday!Does this happen to you too? How is your process from start to finish?

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Step 1: Bodice

Place the front bodice pieces and the back bodice piece together, right sides facing. Close the shoulders

Cross the front bodice pieces and pin the sides, including the back bodice sides. Sew along.

Step 2: Neckline

Fold the neckline area and sew along.

Step 3: Armhole

Fold the armhole area and sew along

Step 4: Waistband

Sew along the side.

Create 3 pleats 1/2 inch wide each. Iron them flat.

Step 5: Waistband and Bodice

Place the waistband and the bodice together, right sides facing. Pin and sew along.

Step 6: Skirt

Close the sides of the skirt

Place the skit and the waistband together, right sides facing. Pin and sew along -



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    1 year ago

    I'd love to get the pattern for this dress, but the website says "bandwidth exceeded". Sads.