Payday Halloween Masks





Introduction: Payday Halloween Masks

We started with screen grabs of the masks and used modeling clay microwaved to make it more pliable. We used basic clay working tools. The basic form we used a plaster cast of a styrofoam head to mold the clay on.

Step 1: Mask Build

Various levels of progress... Using papier-mâché to create the mask. once it was formed, we freed them from the clay forms. We used elastic to secure the masks, but it caused too much compression to the sides of the papier-mâché. As the elastic was stretched, it cause the sides to want to collapse inward, so I gave it a couple of coats of fiberglass resin (no fiberglass, just the resin) to make them more rigid. Painting the details and adding a wash of highly diluted black acrylic to patina, brought out the details and gave them a more sinister look. The last step was a clear coating of spray enamel.

Step 2: For Full Effect...

Blue latex gloves, business suits and ties. Since this is imitating a bank robbery simulation game, we went with the least realistic weapons, which wouldn't be misconstrued as real, at any distance. We went to the mall to take pictures and Game Stop was a good sport, posing for pictures.



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    Thanks! That was a HUGE concern of mine, trust me we chose carefully and we made sure to put the masks up when we were just walking around. We had Nerf and clear plastic squirt guns.