Payday Masks

Introduction: Payday Masks

Payday 2 …

Hi! Freek here with another fantastic product! Don’t you want to be that one burglar or hitman, but you can’t, because you are afraid people can see your face? NOW you can be that person with the cool and revolutionary masks made by

“But hey! I can’t buy these masks anywhere.”

No problem! Because this time, has a little surprise for you.


“But isn’t that like really difficult to make?”

No, of course not, otherwise I couldn’t make this!

“But when will this tutorial start?”

How about…. Right now! Yes right now!

Get your notaries skills together and let’s make one!

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Step 1: Research

Okay let’s get serious.

The research for the masks took me for a couple of hours.

If you have the game self it won’t be that much of a problem (because you can just preview the masks and make screenshots out of it.), but if you don’t have the game (what the hell man?!) You can find a lot of material on google. Just type: payday 2 + [character] + mask. And you will find it.

Don’t just have a screenshot of the front. Have also some screenshots of the left and right side of the masks, because some details can’t be seen in just the front picture.

Step 2: Groceries

After you find yourself a suitable mask. You have the buy some materials for the mask:

Mask template.. You need it for the basics for the mask. You can find it at the local hobby shop for a price of €2,50 (at least that is what I paid for it.

A sh*tload of paper.. To make shapes on the mask, you don’t want just some V for Vendetta mask. YOU WANT A PAYDAY MASK! You can find it in the paper bins.

Paper Mache.. this will be the glue for the all the paper on the map. You don’t need a lot of it. Like 500ml of that sticky stuff will be enough. You also can find at a hobby shop.

Thermo-plastic This will be the layer you will put over the made mask to make it more (prefer Worbla) sturdy. This will be an expendable sheet. I had a 1.5m by 1m but that’s for like 8 masks. So for a beginner I would say around 40cm by 40cm. that will be enough.

Primer Luckily this will be cheaper than the Worbla. I had a bucket of 500ml (prefer Gesso) for around 10 bucks. You can buy this at a material shop for cosplay material. At least that’s where I got it.

Step 3: Drawing the Lines

Get your pencil and mask template and draw the detail lines to know where to place the paper maché. If you can’t see the pencil anymore on the mask, then you should use a marker. But only if you are sure about the lines. Because after the marker. You can’t undo the lines!

Step 4: Placing the Paper Maché

Now place the paper maché on the mask. Watch for the details of the mask you would like to make, by example: The nose of Hoxton needs to be a cylinder size nose. And mind the eyebrows to.

Step 5: Worbla Time

Be sure that you have placed all the paper maché that you want, because in this part. There is no turning back.

Pick up your sheet of Worbla and warm it up, by using a hair dryer. When it’s warm enough stretch it over the mask from bottom to top. When the worbla is placed, use the hair dryer again to get the Worbla in the small detail spots you created with paper maché.

Step 6: Gesso Time

Open the bucket of gesso carefully brush the gesso over de mask, until the mask is completely blank. So 3-4 layers are needed to get it blank.

Wait an hour between each layer.

Step 7: Sandpaper Time

When the gesso is dry, you carefully sandpaper the mask, so that the mask is smooth and able to be painted.

Please mind the carefully sandpaper, I speak with experience about that with tears and such.

Step 8: Painting Time

You can now paint the mask in any way you would like to paint.

Step 9: Showing Off

When you are done with step 7 and you like the mask how it is become, go to your local comic con and show it off to other people. This is an important job, because you put a lot of work in that mask and you totally deserve those 5 minutes of famous!

I put my mask in this step, so that you can see that your mask is better than mine.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Dude terrible mask I play payday 2 all the time and that looks nothing like any mask i know of... I'm level 100 infamy 25, so trust me when I say you need some practice my friend... well a little more than some, a lot.

    I hope you can make another mask that looks better.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    That's a Payday mask? I thought it was an opera mask!
    But seriously, nothing like Payday. It's like Bain ran outta dosh and supplied the gang cheap flimsy masks from the dollar store.