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The last week I remembered that there was less than one month before my best friend birthday arrive!! What should I give him as a gift? I started thinking, and the first thing that flyed around my mind was a t-shirt. Too boring, I guess. So I decided to make something by myself. Something awesome, something that he couldn't get anywhere else than from my hands.

Then the idea came by itself. Let's make some stuff from a videogame that we love... We spent a lot of hours trying to complete all the campaigns in Payday: The Heist in hard mode. He always uses Dallas with his awesome mask, and that's what I'm going to do (No, not a figure of Dallas, just the clown mask of Dallas ).

I'm going to make it as cheap as I can, so I'll put as few materials as possible. Also, I'm going to make this project nice and slow, needing at least 1 month or so, just like hostages move in this game :)

So, lets get started with this epic mask!

Step 1: Materials

This is the list of everything needed to make the mask (tools and materials):

- Scissors.
- Exacto knife.
- Brushes (different sizes).
- Small spatula.
- Masking tape.
- Fine sandpaper.
- Dremel.

- 1 plastic carnival mask (bought from less than 1$ from a party shop).
- 1 roll of toilet paper.
- Newspapers.
- White glue.
- Water.
- Vaseline.
- Acrylic paint (white, black, red, dark blue).
- Glazier's putty (masilla).
- Relief paste.
- Transparent varnish.
- Some small 5-pointed star stickers.
- Some hard cardboard.
- Some black elastic fabric. (optional)

Step 2: Making the Shape of the Mask

First, we need to place our plastic mask in some base to work with. For example, we can stick the mask to the cardboard with some tape. Then, add some vaseline to the plastic mask so it wont stick to our final mask. After that, we should work with this until we ended making the shape of the mask.

To start, we will combine 1/2 of white glue with 1/2 cup of water, and then stir it. 
Apply it to the plastic mask with the pencil.
Break some toilet paper in thin strips, and then start to put them on the mask, making a complete layer of paper.
Repeat for 2 or 3 layers and let it dry.

After that, repeat the process another time. Now you should have an ungly paper-mask.

Step 3: Modeling the Wrinkles

At this point, we want to add more details to our mask. We'll use some newspaper sheets (because its pretty easy to use and fold, and it will remain still). Take a look at the first picture, and just add some folded paper until you get your desired shape, gluing them to the paper-mask layer with white glue or with some tape. After you get your newspapered-mask, add 2 or 3 more layers of toilet paper with some white glue and water (like we did in step 2).

As @dodi03 stated, you can also use other items (like bottle caps or plastic) to mold the details.

Bonus: Add some balls of toilet paper impregnated in the white glue mixture and mold it to the mask to add minor details!

Let it dry and jump to the next step!

Step 4: Remove the Mask From the Cardboard Base

Carefully, use the exacto knife to cut the border of the mask and separate it from the cardboard base. When both parts are completely separated, just remove the plastic mask from inside of our paper mask. 

Next, sand the edges with some fine sand paper and glue the cracks so they wont open more, and with some clothespins let it dry.

Finally, draw some big and horrifying eyes to our mask, and use your best tools to cut them out (I used a small drill and a dremel), and use some sand paper again to make it look good.

Step 5: Making It Smooth

Now the fun, long and hard part. We want to make that ugly and irregular mask a beautiful and smooth mask. So, follow the steps:

1. Clean the mask. We don't want hair or dust on it.
2. Start adding a lot of relief paste to hide all the irregularities.
3. Let it dry and wait for it to be hard.
4. Use some sandpaper and sand it as smooth as you can.
5. Clean it again.
6. Now use som glazier's putty to remove all the holes and remaining irregularities.
7. Let it dry.
8. Use more sandpaper or a dremel to make it soft and smooth.

Now you should have and awesome and clear non-papered mask.

Bonus: you can do this process on the inside of the mask, but I think it's not necesary.

Step 6: Paint It With Base Colors!

Will give the mask a base of white paint. 3 or 4 layers will be ok, depending on the paint type (acrylic or plastic is awesome for this).
Then, we'll go with some red (a TRUE red, feel the pasion in it). Add some masking tape to make the stripe guides, and then paint it with 2 or 3 layers. After that, remove the masking tape and add more for the dark-blue layer. Try to guide yourself with a photo of the original mask, or a photo of an USA flag. Then stick those pretty-little star sticks and put them as good in position as good as you can. Then apply 2 layers of blue paint. Let it dry as much as you can, and remove the tape and the stars VERY CAREFULLY (you don't want the paint to break)!!!

After those 3 layers, if you have some paint stains, just use a thin brush to paint them with the correct color.

Step 7: Shadow and Barnish

Now the hard part. If you have an aerograph and you know how to use it, this will be easy. Otherwise, you would have to do the shadows with a brush.

Start by adding some black strips to guide yourself. Take it easy and slow, because this will require some time.
Then, take a dry and big pencil and dip it a little bit onto de paint.
Now don't paint the mask with it directly! Just touch like 10 times a paper and then touch the mask with the pencil where you want the shadow (imagine you are painting simple blurred dots). This should create a simple gradient effect. The more paint you put in the brush, the darker it will be.

Also, you cand add some gray paint to minor-shadowed zones (like under the mouth or under the nose).

After that, paint the inside of the mask with black paint.

Bonus: paint with dark-red a thin line in the mouth to make the lips greater.

And finally, add 1 layer of transparent varnish inside, let it dry and add 2 layers on the outside.

Step 8: Go Steal a Bank!

Nah, just kidding. Just go to a comic-con or a cosplay saloon and show everyone your awesome piece of art. Also, you can add a piece of elastic fabric to put it in your head as a mask, or leave it without it to show it in a wall.

For a great cosplay, find a LEGEND-DARY suit, a pair of blue latex gloves, a black tie and a weapon, and you are ready to spread fear in your town!

Hope you liked this instructable!

PS: My friend LOVE it <3

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25 Discussions


3 years ago

is there a replacement for the relief paste or is it final?

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

You may skip that material :)


3 years ago

Thank you so much for this tutorial! Had to change a couple of things because of practical reasons but this really helped me.

2 replies

Reply 3 years ago

Woah, that's an epic heist mask!

Did you apply some varnish to it?


Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

Still gotta do that tomorrow :) And then it's all ready for the convention we're going to this weekend.

i made one with clay and filler on a plastic mask base all i did was sculpt it and then fill in the cracks i also covered the whole thing in filler for strength, after paint it looked like this i am also planning to put something in the eyes like black sunglass lenses so they will be darker the only problem is that the mask has to stay inside or it would propaply break but it is still fairly strong anyways : )

payday mask.jpg
2 replies

Thanks, i have just laquered it i added a bit more like you said but it still may need some more shadows, i also ended up putting some black mesh in the eyes to get it to look more black here's how it looks now,


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Well, I think you cand do it without it, but maybe the results aren't as good as doing all the steps.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Hmmmm is there any substitute for the relief paste? I'm over in the US and I have no idea where to look for some I have the glaziers putty, and I as wondering what would happen or how it would turn out with toilet paper to the putty.


5 years ago on Introduction

hey first of all fantastic ible and i plan on making it for this Halloween... but a few questions what is relief paste?
(there are probably more to come)


3 replies

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

It's something like this:

By the way, I think it's an optional material in the project :)