Pazaak With Normal Cards

Hello! If you've opened this instructable I guess your a KOTOR fan like me.

Step 1: Split the Cards

6 groups ... The royals The jokers Spades Hearts Diamonds And clovers

Step 2: How to Play

Pazaak is a 2 player game. The royals are not to be used, the black cards are the main deck and the reds are your hand. Now put the reds together with the jokers, each player draws 4 cards to make up there hand. Now the main cards are not to be put together but each player needs one set. The hearts are to add to your total ,diamonds to subtract from your total and the jokers are to add 1 or subtract 1 from your total. Now the game play: Whoever starts has to draw from there main deck ( the black cards ) And place it face up. You can then either end your turn or take a card from your hand and place it next to the card you drew. Your opponent will then do the same.when there turn is over you take another card from your main decks and so on. The objective is to get 20 or the nearest to 20. Anything higher than 20 is a bust and your opponent wins. You need to win 3 matches to win the game.P.S. you may not draw any more red cards, when you're out of them your out of them all you can do is end your turn

Step 3: Now Your Ready to Play!

I hope you enjoyed this. May the force be with you!



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