Pc Controlled Robot

Introduction: Pc Controlled Robot

About: ..my name is firazahmed and i am from Karnataka India i completed Information Technology

Hello guys today i gone a show you how to built your pc controlled robot..

you can control the robot using any laptop or pc but i must have the bluetooth.....

just follow the simple steps

Step 1: Material Requirements

1.Arduino uno

2.Bluetooth module

3.Dc gare motors

4.LM293..Motor driver ic


Step 2: Connections

This is file is in fritzing for-mate so you have to download this software here is the link


connect all components correctly ...make sure everything connected properly .

Step 3: Softwere

Before uploading the program first we have to pair Bluetooth module to your laptop

follow this simple steps as shown in picture...

connect the Bluetooth module to arduino for paring

pin connections is...

Arduino+5v ==== Bluetooth module Vcc

Arduino Gnd ==== Bluetooth module Gnd

Arduino TX ==== Bluetooth module RX

Arduino RX ==== Bluetooth module TX...and then start your laptop

1. Once you have done that, start by right clicking the Bluetooth Icon in the System Tray and select "Bluetooth Devices" to bring up the Bluetooth Devices location

2. Click on the "Add a Device" button and windows will search for active bluetooth devices. It should bring up the following bluetooth device.

3. Select linvor and click Next

You will be asked to select a pairing option. Select the option "Enter the device's pairing code"

4. When prompted, enter the code 1234 (Other bluetooth modules may have different codes)

The device should now be successfully added to the computer

5. Click "Close" to return to the Bluetooth Devices list.

Right Click on the linvor device and select "Properties"

6. Click on the Services Tab and you should see the Serial Port service along with a port number

7.Open up your favourite terminal program (we have used TeraTerm) and change your port to the one that was shown.

Set the Baud Rate to 9600 (Assuming you havn't changed it, this is the default for this module. Other modules may have different defaults)

After that bt controle.exe file.....go to > confi..tab >and selet your BT moduel > port...and press open port

once you done that go to controller and start robot and start controlling......

Step 4:

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    Reply 2 years ago


    I did not get the point where you asked to change the port using Teraterm,can you please explain it? Please reply ASAP (I need to submit my project xD).