Pc Fan Snow Machine !


Introduction: Pc Fan Snow Machine !

Hi guys ! Today i gonna show you how to make simple pc fan snow machine !

Step 1: Make Sure You Have All Materials !

Step 2: Take Your Box Cap , Cut Hole and Fit in the Pc Fan.

Step 3: Take Your Box, Cut Square and Stick Baking Bag With Tape.

Step 4: Find Some Kind of Statue :D and Stick Inside With Hot Glue.

Step 5: Take Your Expanded Polystyrene and Smash It .

Step 6: Pour Smashed Expanded Polystyrene Inside.

Step 7: Do Hole for the Wires.

Step 8: Turn It on !!!

Sorry for the last photo it looks more amazing in real life my camera cant capture that speed :D I hope you like it ,press heart if you like it !



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